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School of Public Finance and Public Administration
       When you think of Jiangxi, what do you think? A long history? A big Province? You might not know that JXUFE has one of the most beautiful campus in China.

Welcome to JXUFE,
Welcome to the School of Public Finance and Public Administration,
Pursue wisdom.

Life at JUFE

 Location Opening
Dingshixuan CanteenNorth campus6:00-21:00
South Campus CanteenSouth Campus6:00-21:00
Muslims CanteenNorth Campus6:00-21:00



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Survey of the School of Public Finance and Public Administration


      The School of Public Finance and Public Administration originated from the Department of Public Finance & Credit, Jiangxi Provincial Business School, which was founded in 1923. After the development in the past decades, the school has become a teaching and research institution which functions in the following four aspects: students’ education, scientific research, service for the society, and cultural transmission.
      The organization of the school is well-structured. There are four teaching departments, including Public Finance Department, Taxation Department, Social Security Department, and Public Administration Department. The school has a national distinctive major----public finance, which is the traditional preponderant discipline in JXUFE. This school also has six affiliated academic and education centers, including Public Finance Research Center, Chinese Tax Stamp Research Center, Public Policy Research Center, Master of Public Administration (MPA) Education Center, Master of Taxation (MT) Education Center, and Civil Servants Training Center.
      The school provides a wide spectrum of undergraduate and graduate programs. Various education quality projects and laboratories sponsored both by central and local governments facilitate to establish a comprehensive and interdependent education framework where degree programs are set at multi-levels. 
The school has a full range of personnel training system, which consists of 4 Bachelor’s degrees (Public Finance, Taxation, Social Security, and Public Administration), 5 Master’s degrees(Public Finance, Social Security, Administrative Management, MPA program, MT program), and 2 Doctoral degrees(Public Finance, Public Economics and Management).
In recent years, the school makes a significant achievement in the teaching, academic research and serving the local economy. The staff has accomplished nearly 50 state-sponsored or provincial-
sponsored research projects, and over 40 projects are being carried on. Over 20 essays and projects have been awarded at provincial level. The Public Finance Research Center has become one of the key research bases of social science in Jiangxi Province.

The four departments
Department of Public Finance Department
       This department mainly focuses on the study of the role of the government in the economy. It is the branch of applied economics which assesses the government revenue and government expenditure of the public authorities. The main courses of the department are: Microeconomics, macroeconomics, public Finance, Public Expendi-ture, Government Procurement Government Budget Management,
Statistics, etc.

Department of Taxation
        Restored in 2006, the specialty of taxation focuses on two programs:tax planning and certified tax agents. In 2009, Master of Taxation program was initiated. The staff team is well-structured with good education background. Among 15 full-time teachers, two of them are the winners of “Provincial Prominent Teacher”. In recent years, the staff has accomplished over 10 state-sponsored or ministry-sponsored projects. In addition, more 20 books and 200 essays have been published.

Department of Public Administration

       It offers one bachelor program (administrative management, since 2002), two master programs, i.e. master of administrative management (since 2003) and master of public administration (MPA, since 2005), and one doctoral program (public economics and management, since 2011). In recent years, the staff has successfully applied for 2 state-sponsored social science projects, 1 state-sponsored natural science projects, and 3 ministry-sponsored projects. In addition, 6 books and over 100 essays have been published.

Department of Social Security

       The school has been offering bachelor program on social security since 1998, among the first 8 Chinese universities which were permitted to set up the specialty. The master program began from 2002. As one of research focus of the doctoral program “Public Economics and Management”, Social Security department begins to accept doctorate candidate. The faculties research programs are funded by the National Social Science Foundation, central and local government and also international grants.